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Organisation : Himachal Pradesh Institute Of Public Administration
Designation : Tehsildars/ Naib-Tehsildars
Announcement : Syllabus

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Tehsildars, Naib-Tehsildars Syllabus :

Paper 1 : Land Revenue Acts and Rules
1. The H.P. Land Revenue Act, 1954.
2. The H.P. Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, 1972.

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3. The H.P. Ceiling on Land Holding Act, 1972.
4. The Rules framed under the Punjab Land Act as applicable to H.P.
5. The HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Rules, 1975.

6. The HP Ceiling on Land Holdings Rules, 1973.
7. Hindu Succession Act, 1956.
8. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

9. Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1954.
10. The Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act, 1988.

11. The Transfer of property (Prohibition), Act, 1982 (Sarfaesi Act).
12. Limitation Act, 1963.

Paper 2 : Arithmetic and Patwaris Mensuration
1. Arithmetic upto matriculation standard.
2. Patwaris mensuration.
3. Computerization of land records.

4. Survey/Re-Survey and Updating of the Survey and Settlement Records.
5. Computerization of Registration.
6. Modern record rooms/Land Records Management Centres.

Paper 3 : Minor Revenue Acts and Rules
1. The HP Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1971
2. The Land acquisition Act, 1894.
3. The HP Court Fees Act, 1968.

4. Stamp Manual.
5. Registration Manual.
6. The HP village Common Lands vesting and Utilization Act, 1974.

7. The HP land Revenue (surcharge) Act, 1974.
8. The H.P. Holdings (consolidation and prevention of fragmentation) Act, 1971.
9. The HP Agriculture Credit Operations and Miscellaneous Provision (banks) Act, 1972.

10. The HP Land Holdings Tax Act,1974.
11. The HP Utilization of Surplus Area Scheme,1974.
12. The HP Public Premises and Land (eviction and rent recovery)Act,1971.

13. The HP Nautor Land Rules,1968.
14. Grant of Nautor Land to Landless and Eligible Persons Scheme,1975.
15. The HP Consolidation of Holdings Rules.

16. The HP Court Fees Act/Rules, 2005.
17. The HP Village Common Lands Vestings and Utilization Rules, 1974.
18. The HP Village Common Land (Vesting and Utilization)Scheme,1975

19. The Punjab Settlement Manual.
20. The HP Land records Manual.
21. The Land Administration Manual (Chapters II,VI to VIII, XI,XIII,XV,XVI and XXII).

22.Standing Orders of Financial Commissioner on the following subjects :
a. Proceedings and suits between landlords and tenants.
b. General Procedure of Revenue Officers and Courts.

c. Assignment of Land Revenue and Non-Service Pensions.
d. Tehsildars and Naib-Tehsildars.
e. Tehsil inspections.

f. Village headman.
g. Land acquisition.
h. Corrective processes.

i. Suspension and Remission of Land Revenue and Cesses.
j. Land Revenue Accounts.
k. Land improvement Loans and Agriculturist Loans.
l. Business Returns. m. Registers.

23. The H.P.Public Service Guarantee Act,2011.
24. The H.P.Transfer of Land (Regulation) Act,1968.
25. The H.P.Transfer of Land (Regulation) Rules,1969.

26. Indian Stamp Act,1899.
27. Indian Registration Act,1908.
28. H.P.Disaster Management and Relief Manual, 2012.
29. H.P.Disaster Management Act,2005.

Paper 4 : Hindi
a. Translating into Hindi a passage in English.
b. Rendering into simple Hindi a passage in Hindi.
c. Letter or memorandum in Hindi.

d. Translation of some administrative/ revenueand other terms in Hindi and their use in sentence (Glossary issued by the Department of Language, H.P.).

e. Use of simple idioms and proverbs in Hindi.
f. Glossary issued by the Department of Language, Art Culture and Revenue Department.

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