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Organisation : Indian Statistical Institute
Announcement : Syllabus
Name of Examination : ISI Admission Test
Subject : M.S.(QE) Master Of Science In Quantitative Economics

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MS – QE Syllabus :

PEA Mathematics :
Algebra : Binomial Theorem, AP, GP, Series, Permutations and Combinations, Theory of Polynomial Equations.

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Linear Algebra : Vectorspaces, linear transformations, matrix representations and elementary operations, systems of linear equations.

Calculus : Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation of functions of one or more variables. Unconstrained Optimization, Definite and Indefinite Integrals: Integration by parts and integration by substitution.Convexity and quasi-convexity.

Constrained optimization of functions of not more than two variables.The implicit function theorem, homogeneous and homothetic functions.

Elementary Statistics : Elementary probability theory, measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation and regression, probability distributions, standard distributions – Binomial and Normal

PEB Economics :
Microeconomics : Theory of consumer behaviour, theory of production, market structure under perfect competition, monopoly, price discrimination, duopoly with Cournot and Bertrand competition, public goods, externalities, general equilibrium,welfare economics.

Macro Economics : National income accounting, simple Keynesian Model of income determination and the multiplier, IS-LM Model, models of aggregate demand and aggregate supply, money, banking and inflation, Phillips Curve,elementary open-economy macroeconomicsHarrod-Domar, Solow, and optimal growth models.

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