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Organisation : Indian Statistical Institute
Announcement : Syllabus
Name of Examination : ISI Admission Test
Subject : MS LIS Library and Information Science

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MS LIS Syllabus :

Paper I (Forenoon) : Test Code : PLA
There will be 30 objective type questions. These are given to test quantitative skill (at 10 +2 level) and reasoning skills (at the undergraduate level), knowledge of mathematics, ability to read and understand graphs & statistical tables (preferably 10+2 level).

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PLA test consists of two parts :
Part I : Test of Quantitative Ability and
Part II : Test of Reasoning Ability. The candidates are expected to answer all 30 questions.

Paper II (Afternoon): Test Code : PLB
There will be 30 objective type questions. This paper will mostly test language proficiency and aptitude. The broad pattern of the question paper will be as below :

Part A
a)Comprehension Ability Test. The candidate is expected to go through the text and understand its content, to answer the objective type questions.

b)Test of English Language Proficiency. Questions are given to test the knowledge of antonyms, analogy, synonyms and elementary English grammar.

Part B
c)Test of knowledge of Books, Libraries, Information and Computers. Basic general knowledge of books, libraries, Information Technology etc.

MS QMS Syllabus :
Algebra : Binomial Theorem, AP, GP, HP, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Sequence, Permutations and Combinations, Theory of Equations.
Matrix Algebra : Vectors and Matrices, Matrix Operations, Determinants.

Calculus : Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation of functions of one or more variables. Unconstrained Optimization, Definite and Indefinite Integrals: Integration by parts and integration by substitution. Elements of Probability and Probability distributions

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