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Organisation : Indian Statistical Institute
Announcement : Syllabus
Name of Examination : ISI Admission Test
Degree : JRF Junior Research Fellowship
Subject : Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science

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Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science Syllabus :

Standard : M.Sc. (Agriculture) in Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science of Indian University.
1. Agrometeorology :

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What is agrometeorology; weather forecasting; water balance model; available moisture index model; factors limiting growth, development and yield of crop as affected by light, temperature, humidity and precipitation.

Growth and development in adverse environmental conditions like drought, flood.

2. Soil Genesis :
Classification of rocks, parent materials for soil formation, weathering, types of weathering, factors affecting weathering, soil formation, factors affecting soil formation, soil profile

3. Soil physical properties :
Soil texture, structure, particle density, bulk density, pore space, soil aeration, soil water holding capacity, soil temperature, soil moisture,

4. Soil chemical properties :
Soil clay minerals, soil colloids, cation exchange capacity, soil acidity, soil alkinity, soil salinity, soil organic matter, soil nutrients,

5. Soil fertility and water management :
Soil fertility problems; role of organic matter, important manures and fertilizers including biofertilizers, their application and behaviour in different soils; soil testing methods and fertilizer recommendation; role of water in plant development and crop production; systems of irrigation and drainage; irrigation requirement of different field crops.

6. Field experimentation :
Objects and trends in agronomic experiments; application, layout and analysis of data of principal experimental designs viz. Randomized block, Latin squares, factorial experiments, split-plot and confounding; computation of linear and curvilinear regressions and their uses.

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