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University : University of Madras
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : M.Phil
Subject : Commerce

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Commerce Syllabus :

BUS C 151- Business Research Methods
UNIT I : Research – meaning and purpose – essentials of scientific method – limitations in social and behavioural research – types of research: exploratory, pure, applied, analytical, descriptive, historical, experimental, survey, case study.

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UNIT II : Business research design – steps in business research – selection and formulation of a research problem – review of previous research – delimitation of the scope of the study – setting up of objectives – definition of concepts – formulation of hypothesis and research questions – preparation of research design – construction of tools – field work and collection of data.

UNIT III : Formulation of hypothesis – meaning of hypothesis – types of hypothesis – sources of hypothesis – testing of hypothesis – errors in testing – sampling techniques : sampling theory – sampling error and data collection error – sample size – sampling methods and their application – testing the appropriateness of a sample – sample unit and sample size.

UNIT IV : Principles and methods of collection of data – primary and secondary data – observation – interview – questionnaire – telephone interviews – construction of interview schedule and questionnaire – scales – checklist, pre test, pilot study – reliability testing and validating a questionnaire – attitude measurement – methods of scale construction – multidimensional scaling.

UNIT V : Processing and analysis of data: checking – editing – coding – transcription and tabulation – data processing through computers – report writing – target audience – types of reports – contents of a report – style and conventions in reporting – steps in drafting a report.

BUS C 152 – Quantitative Methods
UNIT I : Statistical analysis: elements of analysis – types of analysis – levels of measurements – choice of statistical measurement (theory only) descriptive statistics: diagrammatic and graphic representation of data – measures of central tendency – measures of dispersion

UNIT II : Sampling distribution – testing of hypothesis – Z test, t test, F test – estimating parameter value – relational analysis – parametric and non-parametric – correlation and regression – association – Karl Pearson’s ‘r’ – Kendall’s tau and Spearman’ rho – Chi-square test

UNIT III : Analysis of differences among variances and attributes – parametric analysis of variance (F-test – one way and two way analysis of variance) – non-parametric analysis of variance – Friedman test – Kruskal – Wallis test – Mann Whitney test – Wilcoxin test

UNIT IV : Analysis of time series – forecasting – Basics of factor analysis, cluster analysis – other multivariate analysis and when to use them – using computer software – interpretation of findings – fallacies and pitfalls (theory and simple problems). Software Packages for data analysis – SPSS, etc

UNIT V : Applications of statistical methods in finance, marketing and personnel functions of business (theory and problems)

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