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University : Regional Institute Of Education, Mysore
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : B.Sc.Ed

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B.Sc.Ed Syllabus :

English :
Unit I : Descriptive Grammar
Tenses :

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a) Simple Present : Habitual action, General truths, Future time, Verbs of state, Verbs of perception, Verbs of sensation, Narration, Use of simple present for demonstration and commentaries, Present perfect, present perfect continuous, Present continuous also indicative of future action.

b) Simple past : Past time reference, Present time reference, Future time reference, Past continuous, Past perfect, past, perfect continuous

Unit II : Skills in Communication
1. Negotiating a point of view – learning to talk persuasively so as to get across one’s perspective.
2. Debating on an issue – agreeing / disagreeing.

Unit III : Study and Reference Skills
Note making; Note- taking; Summary writing.

Unit IV : Literature – Prose & Skills of Communication
Extract from Abdul Kalam’s Wings of Fire.; Somerset Maugham – The Ant and the Grasshopper

Listening effectively; Talking about one self (likes, dislikes, interests, beliefs, personality traits, ambitions); Expressing an opinion about personal belief on a current issue.(Ability to speak fluently for 3-4 minutes. Focus would be on organized, logical, sequential presentation of thought through spontaneous speech).

Sessional Work :
1. Politeness competitions- students with partners take turns in using a given number of utterances for negotiation / requests/complaints/small talk.
2. Students introduce themselves though using symbols/ metaphors.

3. Students collect newspaper/magazine cuttings on topical and/ or cultural issues of interest-write and share their opinion with peers.

Suggested Readings :
1. Block, C.C.(1997). Teaching the Language Arts, 2nd Ed. Allyn and Bacon
2. Mckay. et al. (1995). The Communication Skills Book, 2nd Ed. New Harbinger Publications.

3. Hornby,A.S.(2001).Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary,OUP
4. Thomsan,A.J. & Martinet.(2002).A Practical English Grammar.OUP

Regional Language : Hindi
Unit I : Descriptive Grammar
Sandhi ( Agama, Adesa, Dwitwa etc) A suitable book on Sandhi will be followed in the classroom
Reference : Hindi Vyakaran by N Nagappa.

Unit II : Functional Language
(a) Group Discussion : Introduction-Definition-characteristics-types of discussions-round-table –symposium-panel-lecture forum etc.-relevance of group Discussions –Exercises.

(b) Conversation: Definition-styles of conversation-formats of conversation-telephonic conversa6ion, etc-Exercises
Reference : Effective Group Discussion – Theory and Practice by Gloria J.Galanes, McGraw Hill Company (Publishers).

Unit III : Modern Poetry
i) Kavya Kusumaakar – First eight Poets (Modern) Prasaranga, University of Mysore, Mysore

Unit IV
: Prose : Collection of Short Stories
Katha Kousthubh (Ed). Dr Tippeswamy

Sessional work : In the internal class during the different activities the performance of the student will be assessed by the teacher. Test, assignments and small projects works may be given .

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