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APECET Civil Engineering Syllabus : Andhra Pradesh Engineering Common Entrance Test

Organisation : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Announcement : Syllabus
Name of The Exam : APECET 2017 Andhra Pradesh Engineering Common Entrance Test
Subject : Civil Engineering

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Download Syllabus Here :

Civil Engineering Syllabus :

Strength Of Materials :
Unit 1 : Simple Stresses And Strains-Curves For Ductile Materials-Mechanical Properties Of Materials-Hooke’S Law-Lateral Strain-Poisson’S Ratio

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Elastic Constants And The Relation Between Them-Composite Sections-Resilience-Strain Energy-Gradual And Sudden Loading-Shear Force And Bending Moment Diagrams For Cantilever, Simply Supported, Fixed, Continuous And Overhanging Beams Subjected To Point Loads And Udl

Unit 2 : Theory Of Simple Bending-Assumptions-Bending Equation-Bending Stresses-Section Modulus-Shear Stress Distribution Across Various Sections Like Rectangular, Circular And I-Sections-Torsion-Solid And Hollow Circular Shafts.

Theory Of Structures :
Unit 3 : Deflection Of Cantilevers And Simply Supported Beams-Double Integration And Macaulay’S Methods-Mohr’S Theorems For Slope And Deflections-Calculation For Propped Cantilevers Subjected To Simple Loading-Analysis Of Fixed And Continuous Beams Of Uniform Section For Simple Loading Without Sinking Of Supports.

Columns And Struts-Types-Slenderness Ratio- Euler’S And Rankine’S Formulae For Axial Loading. Determination Of Forces In Members Of Statically Determinate, Plane And Pin-Jointed Trusses For Dead Loads Only.

Dams And Retaining Walls-Conditions For Stability-Middle Third Rule-Rankine’S Formula For Active Earth Pressure.

Reinforced Concrete Structures :
Unit 4 : Grades Of Concrete, Characteristic Strength, Modulus Of Elasticity-I.S. 456 -2000-Philosophy Of Limit State Design. Limit State Of Strength And Serviceability, Partial Safety Factor-Design Strength Of Materials And Design Loads-Assumptions.

Analysis And Limit State Design Of Rectangular Beams-Singly, Doubly Reinforced And T-Beams. Shear In Rcc Beams, Lintels And Sunshades-Development Length. Slabs-Analysis And Limit State Design Of One-Way And Two-Way Slabs As Per Is.456-2000. Torsion Reinforcement.

Design Of Continuous Slabs And Beams-Deflection Check For Slabs And Beams. Detailing Of Reinforcement In Singly Reinforced And Doubly Reinforced Simply Supported Beams Of Rectangular Sections And Lintels, One Way And Two Way Slabs.

Unit 5 : Columns: Codal Provisions Of I.S 456-2000-Short And Long Columns-Different Shapes-Design Of Short Columns By Limit State Method-Long Columns- Concept, Effective Length For Different End Conditions. Footings-Isolated Column Footings-One Way Shear And Two Way Shear. Stairs-Types, Loads On Stairs.

Working stress method of design : Basic principles, neutral axis, lever arm-Design and analysis of Singly reinforced simply supported rectangular beams. Comparison of Limit state and Working stress methods.

Surveying :
Unit 6 : Chain surveying- purpose and principle- errors and corrections- different operations in chain surveying- obstacles – methods of calculation of area. Compass Surveying- purpose and principle- bearings- traversing using prismatic compass- local attraction- errors.

Levelling- definitions- component parts- errors- classification of levelling- contouring- characteristics and methods. Theodolite- principles and component parts- fundamental lines and relationship among them- adjustments of theodolite- measurement of horizontal and vertical angles- errors- traverse computations- bowditch and transit rule.

Tacheometry- principle- stadia tacheometry- tangential tacheometry, Principle and uses of E.D.M, Electronic Theodolite, Total Station, Global positioning System – Importance, G.I.S – Use and applications in Civil Engineering

Hydraulics :
Unit 7 : Fluid properties-specific weight –mass density-specific gravity-surface tension-capillarity-viscosity. Atmospheric pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure. Fluid pressure on plane surfaces-Centre of pressure, measurement of fluid pressure using piezometer and manometers.

Types of flows-uniform, non uniform, steady, un steady, laminar and turbulent flows. Energies of liquid in motion-continuity equation. Bernoulli’s theorem-Pitot tube-Venturimeter. Flow thorough small and large orifices, free orifices, submerged orifices, co-efficients of orifices-Cc, Cv and Cd.

Flow through internal, external, convergent and divergent mouthpieces. Types of Notches-rectangular and triangular, flow over notches. Types of Weirs-sharp crested and broad crested-mathematical formulae for discharge-Franci’s and Bazin’s

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