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Syllabus for Class-XII Home Management and Home Nursing : Tripura

Organisation : Tripura Board of Secondary Education
Announcement : Syllabus Class-XII Home Management and Home Nursing

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CLASS XII (Theory)
One Paper Time : 3 Hours Marks : 70 Marks
Unit Title Marks
I. The Management Process in Family Living 06
II. Work Management 06
III. Management of Family Income 15
IV. Adolescence and Adulthood 08
V. Meal Planning for the Family 11
VI. Clothing Management 06
VII. The organization of Work at Home 06
VIII. Family Housing 06
IX. Consumer and Extension Education 06
Total 70

Unit-I : The Management Process in Family Living
A. The process of Management
i) Different stages in Management process – Planning, Organizing, Controlling and Evaluating
ii) Management process in homemaking activities and its characteristics
B. Decision Making
i) Importance of decision making
ii) Process and types of decision making in Home Management process

Unit-II : Work Management
A. Management of Time
i) Importance of Time Management
ii) Steps in the time Management
iii) Steps in making daily and weekly time plans in home making activities
B. Management of Energy
i) Importance of Energy Management
ii) Energy requirements for living and household tasks
iii) Fatigue – Definition, types of fatigue, Fatigue Management
C. Work Simplification
i) Work simplification – Definition, importance, advantages
ii) Mundel’s classes of change

Unit-III : Management of Family Income
i) Family Income – Definition, types
ii) Family Budget – importance, types, steps in making budget, factors affecting Family budget
iii) Account keeping – Systems guidelines in keeping accounts and its advantages

A. Savings
a) Definition and objective of savings
b) Different types of savings – GPF, CPF, PPF, P.O Savings, Banks, LIC Policies and schemes etc.

B. Investments
a) Types of Investment
b) Principles involved in investments

C. Concept of Banking
a) Opening and operating a bank account
b) Types of Cheques, filling a deposit slip
c) Procedure for making a Demand Draft
d) Use of ATM, Debit and Credit Cards

D. Credit
a) Credit – Meaning and sources
b) Types of Credit and its uses

Unit-IV : Adolescence and Adulthood
i) Growth and development during puberty and adolescence
ii) Effect of sports and exercise on physical fitness
iii) Cognitive and language development
iv) Socio-cultural and emotional development – its influence on adolescence
v) The family and socialization
vi) Development of gender roles and stereotypes
vii) Problems of adolescences with solving and reasoning
viii) Adulthood – meaning and related responsibilities
ix) Preparation of marital life and concept of family planning
x) Issues of increasing life expectancy, sensitizing students to the needs and care of the elderly

Unit-V : Meal planning for the Family
i) Meal planning – objectives
ii) Food groups – Its composition
iii) Food selection – Factors affecting food selection
iv) Balance diet – Definition
v) Meal planning of various age group and different physical, logical condition, RDA
vi) Developing good food habits

Unit-VI : Clothing Management
i) Selection of clothing and its relation to personality
ii) Factors and elements affecting clothing and designing
iii) Care of clothing – General principles, Precautions during removal of stains, washing , cleaning
iv) Storage of clothes

Unit-VII : The organization of Work at Home
i) Cleaning – Daily, weekly and periodic cleaning
ii) Different types of cleaning equipment and materials
iv) The operations maintenance and care of household equipment
v) House pest and their control

Unit-VIII : Family Housing
i) Necessity of housing
ii) Factors influencing choice of a house
iii) Selection of furnishing materials for interior decoration – curtains, carpets and rugs, upholstery, bed, table linen
iv) Choice of materials used for furniture
v) The arrangement of furniture in different rooms
vi) Accessories in interiors

Unit-IX : Consumer and Extension Education
A. Consumer – Definition
i) Problem faced by consumer
ii) Adultered food
iii) Consumer Aids
iv) Consumer Redressal Forum and Redressal Agencies
v) Consumer awareness

B. Extension Education
i) Home Science Extension Education and its objects
ii) Process of communication – individual, group and mass contacts
iii) Group discussion, demonstrations, fieldtrips, Mass – Print and electronic
iv) Effective role of audio visual aids in mass communication and extension education

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