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Syllabus for Std XII Business Administration : Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education

Organisation : Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
Announcement : Syllabus Business Administration Std XII

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Topic I ————-Work culture and Office Employees. –5 marks.(1+1+3)
Introduction, different types of person working in an office, features of work Culture, office work culture and changing and nature of office work, sources of Recruitment, internal and external sources, modern methods of recruitment.

Topic II ————- Management of business services. —7 marks(2+5)
Types of services— introduction.
a) Professional services — need for marketing professional services, Service Product, Pricing, Place of distribution.
b) Store-keeping——— Meaning, types, objectives, working of stores..
c) Consultancy Services —— Meaning, need of consultancy services, users of Consultancy services.
d) Entertainment Services—— meaning, entertainment marketing, reasons behind entertainment marketing, formulation of Marketing mix, promotion mix.

Topic III ———— Human Resource Management —-5marks(1+1+3)
Qualities of HRM, Learning objectives, principles of promotion, employee training, Importance of Training, separation, Basis of promotion, benefits of employee Training, selection of employee, steps in scientific Selection procedure, Objectives Of public Relation, features of public relation, duties of PRO, types of publication.

Topic IV ————- E-commerce —-6marks(1+2+3)
Introduction, generic e- payment system, phases in e – payment, requirement of E-payment, modes of e-payment, Electronic fund transfer, E-money. Post- paid Payment system & its types, instant paid payment system, prepaid payment system, cyber cash secure payment system, Smartcard, web page, web site, importance of website, features, guidelines for Constructing web page, procedure for online shopping, e-trading, state of E-commerce in India.

Topic V ———–E-Governance —–7marks(2+2+3)
Aspects of e-governance, information management, identity and Access information, classification of identities, process of identity management, process of Access management, advantages of identity and Access Management, content, Management object of content management, Essentials of content management, standard management, stages of e-governance, strategies of e-governance in India.

Topic VI ——–Management of Hospitality Services —–7marks(5+2)
Services in Tourism, Types of activities, Souvenir sellers in open Air stalls, Meaning and Definition of Tourist Agency, Factors and operation of a Travel Agency, Ticketing,(Domestic and international), Definition of Tour operator, classification of Tour operator, Planning a Tour, Marketing material, Sources of information, Government Agencies, Department of Tourism, India Tourism Development Corporation, State Tourism Department, Air India, Railways.

Topic VII———Managerial Economics. —-6marks(3+2+1)
Introduction and Definition of Public Finance, Classification or Sources of Public Revenue, (Tax Revenue and Non-tax revenue), Definition and Meaning of Public Expenditure, Objective of public expenditure, canons or principles of public Expenditure, classification or types of public expenditure, Meaning of Demand, Determinants of demand, The law of demand , meaning of supply, determinants of Supply, the law of supply.

Topic VIII——– Sales Management —– 7 marks (1+1+5)
Meaning of Sales Management, Functions, Meaning of Advertising, Distinguish between Advertising & Salesmanship, Distinguish between Advertising & Publicity, Objectives of Advertising, Media of Advertisement, Meaning of Sales Promotion, Personal Qualities of Sales Management, Types of Customers.

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