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Syllabus For Assistant Director 2017 : Kerala Public Service Commission

Organisation : Kerala Public Service Commission
Announcement : Syllabus
Designation : Assistant Director

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Assistant Director Syllabus :

Part I :
(a) Civil Engineering :
Structural engineering :

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Stress and strain, principal stresses and strains, temperature stress,theory of simple bending, torsion formula, thin cylinders, thick cylinders, analysis of frames,direct and bending stresses, core of a section, short columns and long columns, consistent deformation method.

Geo technical engineering
Three phase system, index properties, shear strength,consolidation characteristics, compaction, stability of slopes, bearing capacity, settlement,shallow foundations, pile foundations.

Building materials and Concrete technology
Stone, brick, timber, alternate building materials, types of cement, tests for cement, types of concrete, work ability, tests for hardened concrete, non destructive tests.

(b) Mechanical Engineering :
Thermo dynamics and power cycles : Concepts of thermodynamics, system, process, cycle.Three Laws of thermodynamics, Carnot cycle, Air cycles, properties of steam, Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, methods for improving the efficiency of these cycles.

Fluid Mechanics
: Density, specific weight, viscosity, surface tension, pressure, Pascal’s law,fluid dynamics: velocity, acceleration,Bernoulli’s theorem, continuity equation, momentum equation, pressure loss, major and minor losses,
Hydraulic Machines : Impact of jets,Hydraulic Turbines: Impulse and Reaction and related accessories, Positive displacement pumps, roto dynamic pumps-, selection of pumps

Mechanics of machines
: Machine and mechanisms, Types of Mechanisms,
Mechanical vibrations : Types of vibrations, Basic elements of a vibrating system, Un-damped force vibrations, Free vibrations with viscous damping, logarithmic decrements, forced vibrations,vibration isolation and transmissibility

Manufacturing process
Casting, forging, rolling, welding, soldering and brazing. Machining processes, turning, taper turning, thread cutting, shaping, drilling, grinding,milling. Principle, application and advantages of CNC machines. Electro chemical and
discharge machining.

(c) Electrical Engineering :
Elementary concepts of electric circuits :
Kirchhoff’s laws, node voltage and mesh current methods, super node and super mesh analysis; average, RMS values and form factor of alternating current, Analysis of simple ac circuits, Solution of RL, RC and RLC circuits;Three phase systems : star and delta connection, power in three phase circuits; Measurement of power in three phase circuits – Working of energy meters;

Generation of power, Power transmission and distribution :
hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power plants. Renewable energy sources; Typical electrical power transmission scheme, substation equipment, primary and secondary transmission and distribution systems;
Electrical Machines :
Transformers – single and three phase construction, losses, efficiency;D.C. Machines-Types, characteristics, applications; A.C. Machines– three phase and single phase induction motors, alternators and synchronous motors;

Tariff and Wiring systems :
Different types of LT and HT consumers, tariff schemes; wiring different types, meter board and distribution board, earthing of installations, protective fuses, MCB, ELCB.

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