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Graduateship Engineering Exam Syllabus : Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering

Organisation : Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
Name Of The Exam : Graduateship Engineering Exam
Announcement : Syllabus

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Graduateship Engineering Exam Syllabus :

IE 001 : Business Communication :
A. Essay : Descriptive type on themes such as scene, recollections, visits to factories and places, working of simple machines, instruments and apparatus, events of national significance.

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B. Letter writing : Simple business correspondence dealing with aspects such as purchases, sales, credit, collection.
C. Precis : Passages for précis writing will be chosen from publications covering problems of industry, economic and technological developments.

D. Report Writing and Presentation : Covering situations in factory and day-to-day life. Substance of Reports-Categories of Reports, Preparing of Synopsis for approval Formats, Copy Ready, Proof Reading.

Text :
1. Basic Business Communication, Lesikar, FIatIey, TM H-2005
2. The principles and practice of Technical Reporting T.K.Chatterjee; Kitab Ghar

3. Business correspondence and Report writing Sharma R.C. and Krishna; Tata Mc Graw HiII
4. Result-Oriented LetterWriting- Shah G.P.; Shilgunj Prakashan, Baroda

IE 002 : Elements Of Industrial Engineering
A. Introduction : Resources for Business, Goals of business, Types of waste like information, motion, man, equipments, money, energy, etc, Need of optimization of resources.

Industrial Engineering : Evolution of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering Functions, Role of Industrial Engineer, Qualities of successful Industrial Engineer.

Productivity : Concept of Production, Types of Production, Concept of Productivity, Types of Productivity, Production vs Productivity, factors influencing Productivity, Maslow’s Theory of hierarchy of needs, Productivity vs Standard of Living.

Introduction to Work Study : Definition of Work Study, Work content, Definition of Method Study, Procedure of Method Study, Advantages and Limitations, Definition of Work Measurement, Techniques of Work Measurement (brief introduction only) like Work Sampling, Time Study, PMTS.

Ergonomics : Concept and history, importance, Principles of ergonomics, Areas of concern, Anthropometry
Operations : PPC, Layout, Maintenance, Value Analysis and Quality: Concept and functions.

Advances in Industrial Engineering : Concurrent Engineering, Design for Manufacturability and Assembly, Just in Time, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Value Stream Mapping, Reengineering, Supply Chain Logistics

Text :
1. Introduction to Work Study by ILO
2. Mahajan .M. “Industrial Engineering and Production Management”, Dhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi-2008.

3. Sharma S. K and Sharma Savitha “Work study and Ergonomics”, S.K Kataria & Sons Delhi -2007
4. Jhamb L.C., “Work Study & Ergonomics”, Everest Publishing House, Pune.

5. Sheth Vijay, “Industrial Engineering Methods and Practices, Penram International Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd.
6. Industrial Engineering and Management- O.P Khanna

Reference :
1. Industrial Engineering Handbook, Maynard
2. Time & Motion Study, Ralph.M. Barnes

IE 003 : Mathematics For Engineers
A. i) Calculus,
ii) Functions, derivatives and their applications,

iii) Integration; applications of definite integrals,
iv) Transcendental functions,
v) Integration Methods

B. Analytical geometry Plane analytic geometry; hyperbolic functions; polar coordinates.
C. Multiple integrals; Laplace transforms, Application of Laplace Transforms, Fourier series.

D. Vector analysis.
E. Linearalgebra; Matrices and Determinants.

Text :
Calculus and Analytic Geometry- Thomas, G.B.and Finney R.L.Narosa Publ.House.

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    Good afternoon Sir , I want to take admission in IIIE graduateship examination. Now I am working at SAIL RSP Rourkela. Please briefing me about IIIE course subjects , process of examination ,eligibility and for better communication. admission fees etc. Course details. Can I give my examination in online ?

  2. Where I get materials for study

  3. how do i get the notes of this syllabus

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