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Food Processing Technology: Introduction, historical development, status of food processing in India, sources of food and their classification. Food preservation – definition, advantages, mechanisms and techniques of food preservations. Blanching, pasteurization and sterilization – definition, types and equipment. Effect of blanching/pasteurization/sterilization on food quality. Aseptic processing – definition, procedure and equipment.

Chilling – principle, systems, chill injury and chill storage conditions for various fruits and vegetables. Freezing – principles, quick and slow freezing, cryogenic freezing, thawing and application of freezing in food. Irradiation – concept, mechanism, advantages, application, limitations and effect of ionizing radiation on food. Extrusion – definition, types, equipment, applications of extrusion and extruded products. Baking and Roasting – definition and food applications.

Extraction – Leaching, solvent extraction, super critical extraction, equipment and applications. Crystallization – principle, equipment and applications. Frying – principle, types, food application, frying equipment and fried food products. Membrane processing – osmosis, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, types of membranes and their limitations and application of membrane processing in food. Hurdle Technology – concept, mechanism and application in food. Minimal processing, Pulsed electric field processing, High pressure processing and Ultrasound processing.

Processing Technology of Food Grains: Status of food grain production and its supply chain in India; structure, physico-chemical properties, thermal properties and biochemical properties of food grains, Effect of different factors on the physical, thermal and biochemical properties of grains. Parboiling- methods, effect of parboiling on milling, nutritional and cooking quality of rice; Paddy milling: operations, equipment, factors influencing final rice- milling outturn, processed rice products; Wheat milling: break system, purification system and reduction system, extraction rate, processed wheat products, quality characteristics of flour and their suitability.

Pulse mill equipment, methods and milling process. Dry and wet milling of corn, Starch and gluten separation; Malting and milling of barley, Milling of millets; Oil milling mechanical oil expression, solvent extraction. processing of extracted oil-refining, hydrogenation, fractionation, transesterification, and interesterification. Processing of deoiled cakes.

Processing Technology of Fruits and Vegetables: Nutritive value of fruits, vegetables and their role in human diet. Production status of fruits and vegetables in India. Export potential of processed and raw fruits and vegetable produce; FSSI specifications of different processed products from fruits/vegetables; Canning of fruits and vegetables: process, equipment, parameters defects, cans and equipment; Freezing of fruits and vegetables: purpose, methods, quick freezing, individual quick freezing;

Frozen storage, controlled atmosphere storage (CAS), modified atmosphere storage (MAS), controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Specification for various fruit and vegetable juices and beverages: Methods of preparation of juices, squashes, syrups, sherbet and cordials, extraction, deaeration and filtration, equipment for juice processing, aseptic processing, Jam, jelly and marmalade, crystallized fruits and fruit preserves.

Processing Technology of Milk and Milk Products: Historical development of dairy in India; National Dairy Development Board (NDDB); operation flood/ white revolution; production and utilization of milk; basis for pricing of milk; marketing channel for milk in India; milk definition and composition; physico-chemical properties; grading and quality testing; defects in milk; standardized milk, skim milk; sterilized milk; reconstituted/ rehydrated milk; recombined milk; Butter; Ice cream; Cheese; dried milk; Malted milk and beverages; traditional Indian Dairy Products; fermented products; fat rich products; milk based puddings/ desserts etc.

Processing Technology of Meat, Fish & Poultry: Sources of meat, fish and poultry in India; development of meat, fish and poultry industries in India and its importance in national economy and their export potential; physico-chemical properties, conversion of muscle to meat, pre-slaughter handling, conditioning; meat-spoilage micro-organisms; preservation of meat; eating quality of meat; texture and tenderness, artificial tenderization; abattoir design and layout, meat plant sanitation and safety, by-products utilization. Egg- structure, composition, nutritive value and quality characteristics: Processing and preservation of eggs; poultry processing and fish processing

Processing Technology of Spices and Plantation Crops: Spices: classification, composition, structure and characteristics; production status of spices in India; preservation and processing of major and minor spices; processing of whole spice, spice powder, paste and extracts; spice mixtures; spice oils and oleoresins, functional role of spices, quality specification for spices; composition and processing of tea leaves; coffee cherries; cocoa bean etc.

Design and Formulation of Foods: Concept and recent trends in food formulation, infant foods, weaning foods, Indian traditional sweet and snack food products; therapeutic foods for special demographic groups; geriatric food; foods for persons suffering from various ailments; antioxidant rich food products; foods for drought and disaster afflicted; defence services, sportsmen, space food etc.

Food Packaging Technology & Equipment: Functions and marketing consideration for a package; types of packaging materials; manufacturing of packaging materials and packages; properties of packaging material; selection criteria of packaging materials; machinery for packaging; package labelling; Shelf life of packaged food; quality testing of packaging material etc.

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