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Organisation : Institute of Hotel Management
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : B.Sc
Subject : AM Accommodation Management
Applicable For : III Year

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AM Syllabus :

BHM 111 – Foundation Course In Food Production – I
Introduction To Cookery :
A. Levels of skills and experiences
B. Attitudes and behaviour in the kitchen

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C. Personal hygiene
D. Uniforms & protective clothing
E. Safety procedure in handling equipment

Culinary History :
A. Origin of modern cookery

Hierarchy Area Of Department And Kitchen :
A. Classical Brigade
B. Modern staffing in various category hotels
C. Roles of executive chef
D. Duties and responsibilities of various chefs
E. Co-operation with other departments

Culinary Terms :
A. List of culinary (common and basic) terms
B. Explanation with examples

Aims & Objects Of Cooking Food :
A. Aims and objectives of cooking food
B. Various textures
C. Various consistencies
D. Techniques used in pre-preparation
E. Techniques used in preparation

Basic Principles Of Food Production – I :
A. Vegetable And Fruit Cookery
A. Introduction – classification of vegetables
B. Pigments and colour changes
C. Effects of heat on vegetables

D. Cuts of vegetables
E. Classification of fruits
F. Uses of fruit in cookery
G. Salads and salad dressings

ii) Stocks
A. Definition of stock
B. Types of stock
C. Preparation of stock

D. Recipes
E. Storage of stocks
F. Uses of stocks
G. Care and precautions

iii) Sauces
A. Classification of sauces
B. Recipes for mother sauces
C. Storage & precautions

Methods Of Cooking Food :
A. Roasting
B. Grilling
C. Frying

D. Baking
E. Broiling
F. Poaching

G. Boiling
** Principles of each of the above
** Care and precautions to be taken
** Selection of food for each type of cooking

Soups :
A. Classification with examples
B. Basic recipes of Consommé with 10 Garnishes

Egg Cookery :
A. Introduction to egg cookery
B. Structure of an egg
C. Selection of egg
D. Uses of egg in cookery

Commodities :
B. Shortenings (Fats & Oils)
A. Role of Shortenings
B. Varieties of Shortenings
C. Advantages and Disadvantages of using various Shortenings
D. Fats & Oil – Types, varieties

ii) Raising Agents
A. Classification of Raising Agents
B. Role of Raising Agents
C. Actions and Reactions

iii) Thickening Agents
A. Classification of thickening agents
B. Role of Thickening agents

iv) Sugar
A. Importance of Sugar
B. Types of Sugar
C. Cooking of Sugar – various

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