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DEI Entrance Exam 2021-22 Syllabus : Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Organisation : Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI)
Exam Name: Online Admission Entrance Exam 2021-2022
Announcement : Syllabus For Online Admission Test 2021-2022
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DEI Entrance Syllabus

Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Syllabus For Online Admission Test 2021-2022

High School Level General Science Syllabus

Unit 1: Physics
1.1 Newton’s Law of Motion.
1.2 Work, Power and Energy.
1.3 Thermal Expansion of Solids & Liquids.
1.4 Structure of the Human Eye.
1.5 Thermal Radiation.

Unit 2: Chemistry
2.1 Matter and its states.
2.2 Soap and Saponification.
2.3 Chemical Bonds.
2.4 Metals and Non-Metals-Acids, Bases and Salts.
2.5 Introduction to some important organic and inorganic compounds.

Unit 3: Botany
3.1 Structure of Cell, Animal & Plant tissues.
3.2 Classification of Vegetation.
3.3 Reproduction in Plants & Animals.
3.4 Absorption and Movements of Fluid in Plants.
3.5 Respiration in Plants.

Unit 4: Zoology
4.1 Blood and Lymph
4.2 Respiratory System
4.3 Nervous System and Sense Organs
4.4 Reproductive System
4.5 Excretion.

Unit 5: Health And Hygiene
5.1 Tobacco, Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs.
5.2 Environmental Pollution.
5.3 General Knowledge about communicable diseases and diseases spread through air.
5.4 Diseases spread through water and food.
5.5 Non communicable diseases.

High School Level Chemistry Syllabus

Unit 1:
1.1 Matter: Nature and behaviour, types of matter, elements and their classification (metal & non- metal), compounds and mixture, composition of matter, Atomic theory.
1.2 Molecules and atom – structure of atom: electron, proton, neutron, structure of nucleus.
1.3 Atomic number and mass number. Isotopes and isobars.
1.4 Mass of atoms and molecules, Concept of mole, percentage composition of compounds.
1.5 Chemical reaction- physical and chemical changes, their differences. Addition, displacement, dissociation, decomposition and oxidation-reduction reactions.

Unit 2:
2.1 Slow & fast reaction, catalytic, endothermic & exothermic reaction.
2.2 Balancing of chemical equation, chemical equation.
2.3 Chemical Bonds – origin of ionic and covalent bond.
2.4 Properties of electrovalent and covalent compounds.
2.5 Electrochemical series. Activity of metals on the basis of electro chemical series.

Unit 3:
3.1 Acid, Base and Salt. Concept of Acid and Base on the basis of (H3O+, OH-) ions. Indicators, pH scale, Chemical properties of Acid and Base, Neutralization reaction. Salt and type of salts- Normal, Acidic, Basic, Mixed, Double, Complex salt.
3.2 Laws of chemical combination.
3.3 Oxidation & Reduction.
3.4 Industrial chemistry – Soap, Saponification, cleansing action of soap.
3.5 Language of chemistry, symbols, valency, chemical formula, equivalent weight.

Unit 4:
4.1 Difference between ion and atom, valency of ion, chemical formula and its uses.
4.2 Organic chemistry- introduction to organic chemistry, definition and field of organic chemistry. Difference between organic and inorganic compounds, regular tetrahedral nature of carbon atom.
4.3 Classification of organic compound, aliphatic and aromatic compound, saturated hydrocarbons (methane and ethane).
4.4 Unsaturated hydrocarbons (ethylene and acetylene) methods of preparation, properties and uses.
4.5 Petroleum, origin of Petroleum, Refining of Petroleum.

Unit 5:
5.1 SO2 and NH3 gases. Method of preparation and chemical properties.
5.2 Introduction to some important chemical compounds, chemical name, molecular formula, important properties and uses- washing soda, baking soda, salt ammoniac, alum, bleaching powder.
5.3 Introduction to Metallurgy- Metallurgy of Copper.
5.4 Classification of Elements- General characteristics of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.
5.5 Radioactivity- Introduction, characteristics of radioactive rays, radioactive isotopes & their uses.

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