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AMTI National Mathematics Talent Contest 2022 :

Organisation : The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI)
Contest Name : AMTI National Mathematics Talent Contest 2022
Applicable For : School & College Students
Announcement : AMTI National Mathematics Talent Exam Syllabus 2022
Registration Last Date : 01st October 2022
Website :

What is AMTI National Mathematics Talent Exam?

NMTC National Mathematics Talent Contest is organised by The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India. The Eligibility Criteria of NMTC National Mathematics Talent Contest are Students from Schools, Junior Colleges of all boards, Degree Colleges and Technical Institutions in India. Every candidate except the senior level will take two tests- Preliminary Test and Final Test. The Registration Last Date is 01st October 2022.

Syllabus For AMTI National Mathematics Talent Exam

The Syllabus For AMTI National Mathematics Talent Exam are given below,

1. Primary:
Arithmetic: Fractions, percentages, profit and loss, tests of divisibility, LCM, HCF, Ratio and proportion, Calendar
Mensuration: Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles.
Algebra: Algebra as literal Arithmetic, Addition,subtraction, multiplication and division of simple Arithmetic expressions.
Geometry: Straight lines, parallel lines, Angle properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons.

2. Sub Junior:
All the topics for primary and,
Arithmetic: Square roots and cube roots, Allegation, average , time and work, time and distance, Races, Games of skill, Travelling around a circle.
Mensuration: Three Dimensional: cubes, cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramids.
Algebra: Algebraic equations of degree 1 and degree 2. Algebraic identities, factorization of algebraic expressions, laws of indices, basics of surds.
Geometry: Triangle inequalities, parallelograms,trapezoids, Pythagoras theorem.
Number Theory: Prime and composite numbers,divisibility.

[Note: Apart from these, the children shall practise to solve logical questions in basic mathematics].

3. Junior:
All the topics for Primary, Sub junior and the following:
Algebra: Quadratic and Higher degree Algebraic equations, Remainder theorem, Logarithms, Sequences and series, Scales of notations, Mathematical Induction, Basic inequalities.
Geometry: Circle theorems, Chords, Arcs, Angles in segments, Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Tangents, Alternate Segment theorem, intersecting chord theorem, Apollonius theorem, and Stewart’s theorem.
Number Theory: Modular arithmetic, Greatest Integer function, least integer functions.
Combinatorics: Fundamental principle of counting, Basics of permutations and combinations, Principle of inclusion and exclusion, Pigeon hole principle.

4. Inter :
All the topics for Primary, Sub Junior, Junior and the following:
Algebra: Polynomials, inequalities, (C-S inequality),Functional equations.
Geometry: Trigonometric, vector, Coordinate Geometric and Complex number methods may be used.
Number Theory: Fermat and Wilson theorem, Diophantine equations.
Combinatorics: Counting techniques, Recurrence relations.

5. Senior:
It is a three hours examination of subjective questions with the syllabus of typical B.Sc Mathematics course.

What are the important dates of AMTI NMTC?

The important dates of AMTI National Mathematics Talent Contest are given below,

Last Date for entries 01st October 2022
Stage-1 Preliminary Test 15th October 2022
(Saturday) 2p.m. to 4p.m.
Declaration of results of Stage-1 test 25th November 2022
Stage-2 Final Test – Tentatively on 07th January 2023
(Saturday) 1p.m. to 4p.m.
Dispatch of Answer Books from the Centres to AMTI The same day (Speed Post or courier)
Announcement of Results By the end of the April 2023


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