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GATE Geology And Geophysics (GG) Syllabus 2023

Organisation : Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering GATE
Exam Name : Geology And Geophysics (GG) Exam
Announcement : GATE Geology And Geophysics (GG) Syllabus 2023
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GATE Geology And Geophysics (GG) Syllabus

In each of the following subjects the topics have been divided into two categories – Core Topics and Special Topics. The corresponding sections of the question paper will contain 90% of their questions on Core Topics and the remaining 10% on Special Topics.

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Geology And Geophysics (GG) Syllabus

Part A: Common Section
** Earth and planetary system terrestrial planets and moons of the solar system; size, shape, internal structure and composition of the earth; concept of isostasy; elements of seismology – body and surface waves, propagation of body waves in the earth’s interior; Heat flow within the earth; Gravitational field of the Earth; geomagnetism and paleomagnetism; continental drift; plate

Tectonics :
** Relationship with earthquakes, volcanism and mountain building; continental and oceanic crust – composition, structure and thickness.
** Weathering and soil formation; landforms created by river, wind, glacier, ocean and volcanoes.
** Basic structural geology – stress, strain and material response; brittle and ductile deformation; nomenclature and classification of folds and faults.

Crystallography :
** Basic crystal symmetry and concept of point groups. Mineralogy – silicate crystal structure and determinative mineralogy of common rock forming minerals.
** Petrology of common igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Geological time scale; Geochronology and absolute time. Stratigraphic principles; major stratigraphic divisions of India.
** Mineral, coal and petroleum resources of India.
** Introduction to remote sensing.
** Engineering properties of rocks and soils.
** Elements of hydrogeology.
** Principles and applications of gravity, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, seismic and radiometric methods of prospecting for oil, mineral and ground water; introductory well logging.

Part B (Section-1): Geology
Geomorphology :
** Geomorphic processes and agents; development and evolution of landforms in continental and oceanic settings; tectonic geomorphology.

Structural Geology :
** Forces and mechanism of rock deformation; primary and secondary structures; geometry and genesis of planar and linear structures (bedding, cleavage, schistosity, lineation); folds, faults, joints and unconformities; Stereographic projection; shear zones, thrusts and superposed folding; basement-cover relationship. Interpretation of geological maps.

Crystallography and Mineralogy :
** Elements of crystal symmetry, form and twinning; crystallographic projection; crystal chemistry; classification of minerals, physical and optical properties of rock- forming minerals.

Geochemistry :
** Cosmic abundance of elements; meteorites; geochemical evolution of the earth; geochemical cycles; distribution of major, minor and trace elements in crust and mantle; elements of high temperature and low temperature geochemical thermodynamics; isotopic evolution of the crust and the mantle, mantle reservoirs; geochemistry of water and water-rock interaction.

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