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GATE Humanities & Social Sciences (XH) Syllabus 2023

Organisation : Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering GATE
Exam Name : GATE Humanities & Social Sciences (XH) Exam
Announcement : GATE Humanities & Social Sciences (XH) Syllabus 2023
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GATE Humanities & Social Sciences (XH) Syllabus

In each of the following subjects the topics have been divided into two categories – Core Topics and Special Topics. The corresponding sections of the question paper will contain 90% of their questions on Core Topics and the remaining 10% on Special Topics.

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Humanities & Social Sciences (XH) Syllabus

Questions of this section XH-B1 will test the following skills:
** Reading Comprehension– ability to understand complex language material in short paragraphs and answer questions regarding them.

** Expression – questions on stylistic and rhetorical aspects of a short passage including corrections or modifications of particular sentences.

** Analytical Reasoning– ability to understand relationships in statements or short passages and being able to draw reasonable conclusions/inferences from them.

** Logical Reasoning– Thinking critically to evaluate or to predict an argument, identify the main and supporting arguments, predict outcomes etc.

XH – C1 Economics
C1.1 Microeconomics:
** Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Cardinal Approach and Ordinal Approach; Consumer Preferences; Nature of the utility function; Marshallian and Hicksian demand functions; Duality Theorem. Slutsky equation and Comparative Statics. Homogeneous and Homothetic Utility Functions; Euler’s Theorem.

** The Theory of Revealed Preference: Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference and Strong Axiom of Revealed Preference, Theory of Production and Costs: Short-run and Long-run Analysis, Existence, Uniqueness and Stability of Market Equilibrium: Walrasian and Marshallian Stability Analysis.

** The Cobweb Model, Decision making under uncertainty and risk. Asymmetric Information: Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard. Theory of Agency costs. The Theory of Search, Non-Cooperative games: Constant sum game, Mixed Strategy & Pure Strategy, Bayesian Nash Equilibrium, SPNE, Perfect Bayesian Equilibria.,Theory of Firm: Market Structures Competitive and Non-competitive equilibria and their efficiency properties.

** Structure-Conduct- Performance Paradigm, Factor Pricing: Marginal productivity Theory of Distribution in Perfectly Competitive markets; Theory of Employment in Imperfectly Competitive Markets — Monopolistic Exploitation, General Equilibrium Analysis. Welfare Economics: Fundamental Theorems, Social Welfare Function. Efficiency Criteria: Pareto-Optimality.

C1.2 Macroeconomics:
** National Income Accounting Closed Economy Concepts and Measurement and Open Economy Issues, Determination of output and employment: Classical & Keynesian Framework, Theories of Consumption: Absolute Income Hypothesis, Relative Income Hypothesis, Life Cycle Hypothesis, Permanent Income Hypothesis and Robert Hall’s Random Walk Model; Investment

** Function Specifications – Dale Jorgenson’s Neoclassical Theory of Capital Accumulation and Tobin’s, Keynesian Stabilization Policies, (Autonomous) Multipliers and Investment Accelerator, Demand and Supply of Money, Components of Money Supply, Liquidity Preference and Liquidity Trap, Money Multiplier,

** Interest Rate determination, Central Banking, Objectives, Instruments (Direct and Indirect) of Monetary Policy, Prudential Regulation, Quantitative Easing (Unconventional Monetary Policy), Commercial Banking, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Capital Market and its Regulation,

** Theories of Inflation and Expectations Augmented Phillips Curve, Real Business Cycles, Adaptive Expectations Hypothesis, Rational Expectation Hypothesis and its critique. Closed Economy IS – LM Model and Mundell Fleming Model: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Efficacy. The Impossible Trinity.

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