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Organisation : Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC), Gujarat Technological University
Exam Name : Diploma to Degree Common Entrance Test DDCET
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DDCET Syllabus ACPC Gujarat

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Diploma to Degree Common Entrance Test Revised DDCET (Engineering) Exam Syllabus – 2024-25
Determinant and Matrices :
** Determinant and its value up to 3rd order (Without properties)
** Concept of a Matrix
** Types of Matrices (Rectangular matrix, Square matrix, Null matrix, Diagonal matrix, Scalar matrix, Identity matrix, Singular and Non-singular matrix)
** Addition, Subtraction and multiplication by scalar of matrices
** Product of two matrices
** Adjoint and Inverse of a matrix of order 2X2.
** Solution of Simultaneous linear equations of two variables

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Trigonometry :
** Units of Angles (degree and radian)
** Trigonometric Functions
** Periods of Trigonometric functions
** Allied & Compound Angles, Multiple –Submultiples angles
** Sum and factor formula

Vectors :
** Introduction of a Vector
** Direction and Magnitude
** Types of vectors (Null vector, Unit Vector)
** Addition, Subtraction.
** Scalar product (Dot product) and Vector Product (Cross product)
** Angle between two Vectors

Coordinate Geometry :
** Introduction and slope of a line
** Equation of a line (Two-point form, Slope point form, Intercept form, General form)
** Condition of parallel and perpendicular lines
** Equation of Parallel and Perpendicular lines to the given line
** Angle between two lines
** Equation of a circle with centre and radius
** To find centre and radius from general equation of a circle

Function & Limit :
** Function and simple examples
** Limit of a Function
** Standard formulae of Limit and related simple examples

Differentiation and its Applications :
** Concept of Differentiation
** Working rule: Sum, Subtraction, Product and Quotient
** Chain Rule
** Derivative of Implicit functions, Parametric functions
** Logarithmic Differentiation
** Successive Differentiation up to second order
** Applications: Velocity, Acceleration of given simple functions

Integration :
** Concept of Integration
** Working rules and Integral of standard functions
** Method of substitution & Integration by parts (simple examples)
** Definite Integral (simple examples)

Logarithm :
** Logarithm as a function
** Laws of Logarithm and related Simple examples

Statistics :
** Mean, Median and Mode for ungrouped data

Comprehension of Unseen Passage :
** An unseen passage will be given followed by 5 questions. Students have to read the passage and answer the questions.

Theory of Communication :
** Process of Communication
** Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
** Barriers to Communication

Techniques of Writing :
** Parts of Letter and Email
** Types of Business Letter (Inquiry, Reply, Order, Complaint, Adjustment)
** Common Abbreviations used in Business Letter

Grammar :
** Parts of Speech
(1) Noun (2) Pronoun (3) Adjective (4) Adverb (5) Verb (6) Preposition (7) Connectors (7) Interjection
** Tenses
** Subject Verb Agreement

Correction of Incorrect Words and Sentences:
** Word Correction: Students have to choose correct spelling of the word from the options given
** Sentence Correction: Students have to choose grammatically or structurally correct sentence from the options given.

Examination Scheme for DDCET

For DDCET 2024, there shall be multiple choice question papers (OMR Base) of the following program and the number of questions, marks and time shall mention against them:
Engineering and Technology :
Basics of Science and Engineering 50 100
Aptitude Test (Mathematics and Soft Skill) 50 100
Total 100 200
Time Duration in minutes : 150 (Two and Half Hours)

Pharmacy :
Basic of Pharmacy 80 160
Aptitude Test (Soft Skill) 20 40
Total 100 200
Time Duration in minutes : 150 (Two and Half Hours)

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Engineering :
Pharmacy :

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