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University : Bharathiar University
Degree : BBA
Year : 2016-17
Subject : Shipping Administration
Announcement : Syllabus

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Shipping Administration Syllabus :

Core I : Management Process
Objective :
On successful completion of this course the student should have understood the nature & types of business organizations, principles & functions of management process of decision making and modern trends in Management Process.

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UNIT I : Business – meaning of business and profession, requirement of a successful business organization – Importance of business organization – Forms of business organization – Sole proprietary, partnership, Joint Hindu family, joint stock companies – Cooperative organizations – Public Utilities and Public Enterprises

UNIT II : Nature and Scope of Management process – Definitions of Management – Management: a science or an art? – Scientific Management – Managerial functions and roles – The evolution of Management Theory.

UNIT III : Planning – meaning and purpose of planning – types of planning – Objectives and Policies – Decision making: Process of Decision making – types of Decisions.

UNIT IV : Organization – types of organization – Organizational structure – span of control – use of staff units and committees. Delegation: Delegation and centralization. Staffing – Sources of recruitment – Selection process – training.

UNIT V : Directing – Nature and purpose of Directing. Controlling: Need for co-ordination – meaning and Importance of controls – control process – Budgetary and non-Budgetary controls – Modern trends in Management Process – case studies.

Core II : Accounting For Managers
Objective :
On successful completion of this course, the students should have understood The basic accounting concepts Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Preparation of final accounts, etc. Fundamentals of Cost and Management Accounting

UNIT I : Basic Accounting concepts – Kinds of Accounts – Branches of Accounting – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting – Rules of Double Entry System – Preparation of Journal and Ledger Accounts- problems – Subsidiary books – cash book – types of cash book – problems – Trial balance – problems

UNIT II : Manufacturing – Trading – Profit & Loss Account – Balance sheet– Problems with simple adjustments

UNIT III : Meaning-definition-scope-objectives-function-merits and demerits of Cost Accounting and Management Accounting – distinction between Cost, Management and Financial Accounting – Elements of cost-cost concepts and costs classification

UNIT IV : Preparation of cost sheet – Stores Control – ECQ-Maximum, Minimum, Reordering Levels – Pricing of Materials Issues – problems ( FIFO, LIFO, and AVERAGE COST methods only) – labour cost – remuneration and incentives – problems

UNIT V : Standard Costing – Variance Analysis – problems (Material and Labour Variances only) – Marginal Costing – Cost Volume Profit analysis – Budgeting – preparation of various budgets

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