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MBA Hospital Management Syllabus : Bharathiar University

University : Bharathiar University
Degree : MBA
Year : 2015-16
Subject : Hospital Management
Announcement : Syllabus

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Hospital Management Syllabus :

1.1. Management Principles And Practice
Unit I : Management : Science, Theory and Practice – The Evolution of Management Thought and the Patterns of Management Analysis

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Management and Society : The External Environment, Social Responsibility and Ethics – Global and Comparative Management – The Basis of Global Management.

Unit II : The Nature and Purpose of Planning – Objectives – Strategies, Policies and Planning Premises – Decision Making – Global Planning.

Unit III : The Nature of Organizing and Entrepreneuring – Organizational Structure : Departmentation – Line/Staff Authority and Decentralization – Effective Organizing and Organizational Culture – Global Organizing.

Unit IV : Co-ordination functions in Organisation – Human Factors and Motivation – Leadership – Committees and group Decision Making – Communication – Global Leading.

Unit V : The System and Process of Controlling – Control Techniques and Information Technology – Productivity and Operations Management – Overall Control and toward the Future through Preventive Control – Global Controlling and Global Challenges

1.2. Organisational Behaviour
Unit I : Organisational Behaviour : History – evaluation, Challenges & opportunities, contributing disciplines, management functions and relevance to Organisation Behaviour.

Personality – Determinents, structure, behaviour, assessment, psycho-analytical social learning, job-fit, trait theories.

Unit II : Emotions and Emotional Intelligence as a managerial tool. Implications of EI on managers and their performance.

Attitudes – relationship with behaviour, sources, types, consistancy, work attitudes, values – importance, sources, types, ethics and types of management ethics.

Perception – Process, Selection, Organisation Errors, Managerial implications of perception. Learning – classicial, operant and social cognitive approaches. Implications of learning on managerial performance.

Unit III : Stress – Nature, sources, Effects, influence of personality, managing stress. Conflict – Management, Levels, Sources, bases, conflict resolution strategies, negotiation.

Foundations of group behaviour : linking teams and groups, Stages of development Influences on team effectiveness, team decision making. Issues in Managing teams.

Unit IV : Organisational change – Managing planned change. Resistance to change – Approaches to managing organisational change – Organisational Development – values – interventions, change management.

Organisational politics – Political behaviour in organisation, Impression management, Self monitoring. Organisational culture – Dynamics, role and types of culture and corporate culture, ethical issues in organisational culture, creating and sustaining culture.

Unit V : Organisational Behaviour responses to Global and Cultural diversity, challenges at international level, Homogenity and hetrogenity of National cultures, Differences between countries, The Challenges of work force diversity and managing diversity Cases

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