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Non-Technical Officer Syllabus : Himachal Pradesh Institute Of Public Administration

Organisation : Himachal Pradesh Institute Of Public Administration
Designation : Non-Technical Officer
Announcement : Syllabus

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Non-Technical Officer Syllabus :

Paper 1 : Financial Administration
Gazetted Officers Of Various Departments
Part I :
A. (1) Financial Administration in India-Constitutional Provisions, Role of Finance Commission and Planning Commission.

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B (1) Expenditure-delegation of Financial Powers, Sanction of Expenditure, Expenditure Control, Economy in Expenditure, Drawing from the Treasuries, Cash, Cash-Book and Accounting of Receipt and Expenditure by Disbursing Officers.

(2) Treasury Operation; Bills and Cheques, L.O.C. Group Insurance Scheme, Pension payments, Deposits, Cash, Cash Chests and Replenishments of Cash, Supply and Distribution of Stamps, Classification of Receipts and Expenditure.

Part-II :
The following Rules :
1. Fundamental Rules.
2. H.P. Financial Rules,2009

3. RTI Act, 2005
4. Traveling Allowance Rules.
5. Leave Travel Concession Rules

6. General Provident Rules
7. Pension Rules.
8. Medical Attendance Rules.

9. Leave Rules
10. Benefits to the families of deceased Govt. Servants-Rules Regarding.
11. Joining Time Rules.

Note : Four Questions will be set from the syllabus prescribed in part-I in a manner that two questions will be straight, one each from Part-A and Part-B, and the other two from the combined syllabus of both parts.

The candidates will have a choice to attempt any two questions.

2. Five questions will be set from the syllabus prescribed in Part-II. The candidates will be required to attempt any three questions.

Paper 2 : Hindi (In Devnagri Script)
i. Written
a. Translating into Hindi a passage in English.
b. Rendering into simple Hindi a passage in Hindi.
c. Letter or memorandum in Hindi.

d. Translation of some administrative/ revenue and other terms in Hindi and their use in sentence (Glossary issued by the Department of Language, H.P.).
e. Use of simple idioms and proverbs in Hindi.

ii. Oral
a. Reading a passage printed or cyclostyled in Hindi.
b. Conversation in polished Hindi with the examiner.

Civil Defence And Home Guards Department
Paper 3 : (Professional)
1. H.P. Home Guards Act-1968 with latest amendments.
2. H.P. Home Guards Rules-1971 with latest amendments.

3. Home Guards Organization structure.
4. Home Guards Establishment.
5. Uniforms for Home Guards.

6. Home Guards Badges of ranks and Allied insignia.
7. Training of Home Guards.
8. Arms and Ammunition for Home Guards.

9. Home Guards –Financial Policy.
10. Reports and Returns.
11. Allowances and Honoraria.

12. Border Wing Home Guards.
13. Republic Day Parade and All India Home Guards and Civil Defence Professional and Sports meet.

14. President Home Guards and Civil Defence Medals and Home Guards and Civil Defence Medals and other Medals.
15. Welfare of Home Guards. 16. Home Guards Organization-Statutory Provisions.

Paper 4 : (Professional)
1. Challenges of Volunteer Management in Disaster.
2. Gender vulnerable Groups and Psychological Support.
3. Action and Practical/ Training on Disaster.

4. Civil Defence and Disaster Management – New Perspective.
5. Initiative, Approaches and Strategy in Disaster Management .
6. Responses to Hydro and Meteorological Disasters.

7. Responses to Geological Disaster.
8. Responses to Industrial, Chemical, Nuclear and Radiological Emergency.
9. Responses Accidents and other related Disaster.

10. Responses to Biological Disaster.
11. Civil Defence in India.
12. Organization of Civil Defence at Centre.

13. Civil Defence setup in the states.
14. Civil Defence-Financial Policy.
15. Planning for Civil Defence.

16. Civil Defence – Reports and Returns.
17. Civil Defence-Conference, Sports, Medals and Awards etc.
18. Enrolment, Equipment and Preparation of Civil Defence Plans.

19. Training of Civil Defence Volunteers.
20. Disaster Scenario and Institutional arrangement in Disaster Management in India

21. Disaster Management : Issues and Challenges.
22. Disaster and Development

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