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Organisation : Department of Pre University Education
Subject : Physics
Announcement : Syllabus

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Physics Syllabus :

Chapter 1 : Physical World
Physics : Scope and excitement of physics – Physics, technology and society – Mention of fundamental forces in nature – Nature of physical laws.

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Chapter 2 : Units And Measurements
Unit of measurement – System of units – SI units – Fundamental and derived units Length, mass and time measurements – Accuracy and precision of measuring instruments.

Errors in measurement : Significant figures, Dimensions of physical quantities – Dimensional analysis and its applications :

(a) Checking of dimensional consistency of equations and
(b) Deducing relation among physical quantities, Numerical Problems.

Chapter 3 : Motion In A Straight Line
Position and frame of reference – Definitions of path length and displacement – Definitions of average speed and average velocity, instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity& uniform and non-uniform motion – Uniformly accelerated motion.

Position-time graph – Velocity-time graph: to show that area under the velocity time curve is equal to displacement. Kinematic equations for uniformly accelerated motion : Derivation of v = vo + at,x = vot + ½ at2 and v2 = vo2 + 2 a x using v-t graph – Relative velocity.

Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion, Numerical Problems.

Chapter 4 : Motion In A Plane
Scalars and vectors – Position and displacement vectors – Equality of vectors Multiplication of a vector by real number. Addition and subtraction of two vectors: Triangle method and parallelogram method.Unit vector – Resolution of a vector: Rectangular components.

Resultant of two concurrent vectors, (Refer example 4.2 of text book). Scalar and vector products of two vectors with examples (Refer Chapter 6 & 7 of text book).

Motion in a plane with constant acceleration. Projectile motion: Derivations of equation of path, time of flight, maximum height and horizontal range, of a projectile. Uniform circular motion: Derivation of centripetal acceleration, Numerical Problems.

Chapter 5 : Laws Of Motion
Aristotle’s fallacy – Newton’s first law of motion: Concept of inertia and force – Concept of momentum – Newton’s second law of motion: Definition of SI unit of force – Impulse, impulsive force and examples – Newton’s third law of motion: Identification of action and reaction pairs with examples in everyday life.

Law of conservation of linear momentum: Statement and proof in the case of collision of two bodies. Condition for equilibrium of a particle under the action of concurrent forces, Friction: Static and kinetic friction – Laws of friction – Rolling friction – Methods of reducing of friction.

Dynamics of uniform circular motion: Derivation of maximum speed of a carmoving on banked circular road and discuss in the case of level circular road, Numerical Problems.

Chapter 6 : Work, Energy And Power
Work : Definition of Work and discussion of various cases – Work done by a constant force and a variable force. Kinetic energy – Work-energy theorem: Statement and proof in the case of rectilinear motion under constant acceleration.

Concept of potential energy – Principle of conservation of mechanical energy : Statement and illustration in the case of freely falling body. Conservative and non-conservative forces with examples. Potential energy of a spring – Mention of expression V(x) = ½ kx2.

Power: Definition and derivation of power ⃗ ⃗. Collisions: Elastic and inelastic collisions – Collisions in one dimension : Derivation of loss of kinetic energy in completely inelastic collisions -Derivation of final velocity of masses undergoing elastic collision – Collisions in two dimensions, Numerical Problems

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