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Organisation : Department of Pre University Education
Subject : Education
Applicable For : II Year
Announcement : Syllabus

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Education Syllabus :

Unit 1 : Concept Formation and Thinking
1.1 Sensation – Concept and characteristics
1.2 Perception –concept, characteristics and Difference between Sensation and Perception
1.3 Determinants of perception

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1.4 Concept formation – meaning and process
1.5 Thinking –concept and types–Problem Solving, Reasoning, Decision Making and Creative Thinking.

Unit 2 : Individual Differences
2.1 Individual Differences Concept and Areas of Individual Differences
2.2 Intelligence
2.2.1 Concept of Intelligence

2.2.2 Concept of M.A., IQ – Classification and Distribution
2.2.3 Intelligence Test-Types- Individual and Group–Verbal and NonVerbal–Performance Tests of Intelligence-Uses of Intelligence Tests

2.3 Emotional Intelligence –Concept – Components and Importance, Emotional Quotient (EQ) Measures to promote Emotional Intelligence

2.4 Creativity
2.4.1 Concept –Factors Influencing Creativity
2.4.2 Characteristics of a Creative child
2.4.3 Measures to Foster Creativity

2.5 Aptitude – Concept – Classification and Importance
2.6 Attitude – Concept and Importance
2.7 Interest – Concept and Importance

Unit 3 : Personality and Adjustment
3.1 Personality
3.1.1 Concept and dimensions of personality

3.1.2 Determinants of personality Biological-Heredity-Physique, Nervous & system Ductless Glands Environmental- Family, School, Society and Mass-media

3.1.3 Assessment of personality-Types of personality tests- Subjective and Objective tests –Projective techniques

3.2 Adjustment
3.2.1 Concept of adjustment-Characteristics of well balanced Personality
3.2.2 Barriers to adjustment-Tension-frustration-conflict and stress

3.2.3 Mal-adjustment-Concept, causes and measures to overcome Mal-adjustment
3.2.4 Defense mechanisms-Concept and kinds of defense Mechanisms -Aggressive, escape and adjustment mechanisms

Unit 4 : Inclusive Education
4.1 Inclusive Education- Concept and Importance
4.2 Inclusive Education for children with special needs : Classification-Concepts – characteristics and educational provisions.

4.2.1 Children with orthopedic challenges
4.2.2 Visually Challenged

4.2.3 Auditory Challenged
4.2.4 Mentally Challenged
4.2.5 Children with Learning Challenges.

Unit 5 : Current Trends in Education
5.1 Human Rights Education
5.1.1 Human Rights- Concept – Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
5.1.2 Human Rights Education -Concept and Importance National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

5.2. Children’s Rights- Concept –Convention-ImportanceNational Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

5.3 Right to Education-2009(RTE)-Concept–Salient Features of RTE.
5.4 National Curriculum Framework-2005 (NCF) – Guiding Principles- Salient Features of NCF and Recommendations.

5.5 Women Empowerment- Concept-Need and Strategies to Empower Women- National Commission for Women (NWC).

5.6 Concept of Liberalization Privatization, Globalization (LPG)-Impact of Globalization on Education.
5.7 Life Skills Education- Concept and Importance-Skills laid down by WHO-1997.

Unit 6 : Management and Quality in Education
6.1 Management in Education
6.1.1 Concept- process and characteristics of management

6.1.2 Importance of management in education
6.1.3 Functions of management in education
6.1.4 Managerial skills

6.2 Quality in Education
6.2.1 Concept & Dimensions of quality-Importance of Quality in education

6.2.2 Concept and process of Total Quality Management
6.2.3 Importance of Total Quality Management in education.
6.2.4 Quality assessing and controlling Agencies in Education – NAAC, NCTE, AICTE and MCI

Unit 7 : Communication
7.1 Concept and process of communication
7.2 Characteristics of communication
7.3 Class room communication

7.4 Types of communication
7.5 Barriers to effective communication – Remedies to overcome barriers
7.6 Communication skills

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