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University : Uttarakhand Open University
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : BCA
Subject : Computer Fundamental & Operation System
Applicable For : 1st Semester

Syllabus Here :

Computer Fundamental & Operation System Syllabus :

Code : BCA101

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Programme : Bachelor of Computer Applications
Year / Semester : 1st Semester

To equip student with knowledge of Computer fundamental and Operating system details.
Credits : 3
Introduction :
Computer, History of computers, Computer generations, Types of computers, Software and hardware.

Input – Output devices :
Keyboard, MICR, Optical Scanners , Pointing Devices, Voice recognition system, Digitizer, Printer, Plotter, VDU
Computer Memory :
Primary memory – RAM, ROM, Various types of primary memories, Secondary Memory Magnetic Tapes, Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Optical Disk, CD, DVDs.

Number System and computer Arithmetic :
Decimal Number System, Binary Number System, Octal Number System, Hexa Decimal Number System
Boolean Algebra
Algorithm and Flowcharts
Data and Information Concept

Programming Languages :
Computer languages, Machine languages, Assembly languages, Low and high lever languages 4 GLS, Interpreters and compilers
Introduction :
Computer Applications, Multimedia, Robotics, Artificial Intelligences, Computer Viruses, Caring for your PCS

Operating System :
Introduction to DOS, DOS commands
Windows XP :
Windows XP Requirement, Mouse Basics, Desktop. Components of a Window, Menu bar options

Unix Operating System :
Getting started on unix, file system – files & directories, unix tools, text editor vi & text processing
Introduction to linux :
Introduction, History, Linux as Operating System. Multitasking Operating System.

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