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University : Uttarakhand Open University
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : BCA
Subject : C++ with OOPS
Applicable For : 3rd Semester

Syllabus Here :

OOPS Syllabus :

BCA302 – C++ with OOPS
Code : BCA302
Programme : Bachelor of Computer Applications
Year / Semester : 3rd Semester

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Objective :
The objective of this course is to understand the object oriented programming concepts using c++ programming language.
Credits :3

Introduction :
History Types of languages Structured Language Object oriented programming OOPS terminology and features

Algorithms and Flow Charts :
Algorithms Definition, needs and characteristics Flow Charts Rules, Advantages and implementation Concepts of loping and counting
Program Development :
Program identification Analysis Program design Coding Debugging Testing Documentation Maintenance Characteristics of a Good program

Data Types :
Primary data types Tokens Variables and literals Keywords and operators C++ Data Types Operators and Expressions Types of operators Precedence of operators

Decision Making, Branching and Looping :
Branching if, if- else, if-else-if statement switch Statement Conditional operator goto statement Looping while, do- while, for statements Nesting of loops, jumping in loops

Arrays :
One dimensional array Declaration of array Initializing of arrays Two dimensional arrays Initializing two dimensional arrays Multidimensional arrays
Pointers :
Introduction Dynamic and Static allocation of memory Pointer variable Pointer and arrays Arrays of pointers Dynamic memory allocation operators this pointer

User defined functions :
Why use functions The format of C++ function Calling a function Types of functions Functions, arguments and return values Recursion of functions Variables in functions Automatic, External, Static and register variables

Structures and Unions :
Structures, definitions Assigning and initializing values of structure members Comparing structure variables Arrays of structures Arrays of members in structure Unions Nested Structure Size of operator Defining the size of structure

Class and Objects :
Definition of class and object OOPs properties Member variable and member functions Friend functions Class member access- private, public and protected Array of class objects Structured union, nested class

Constructors and Destructors :
Definition of constructor and destructors Need Declaration and definition Types of constructors- default, parameterized, copy

Polymorphism :
Definition Type of polymorphism Definition of function overloading and operator overloading Operator overloading and friend functions Syntax of operator overloading Overloading of unary and binary operator Constructor overloading

Inheritance :
Definition Base class and sub class Inheritance mode Types of inheritance
File handling :
Definition of files and streams Opening and closing of files Stream checking File modes Types of files getline function File pointer

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