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BCA Network Designing Syllabus : Uttarakhand Open University

University : Uttarakhand Open University
Announcement : Syllabus
Degree : BCA
Subject : Network Designing
Applicable For : 4th Semester

Syllabus Here :

Network Designing Syllabus :

Code : BCA407

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Objective :
To understand Network design and different layers in the network protocol.
Credits : 3
Review of Basic Concepts :
** Network Architecture – Protocol Hierarchies, Layered model, services, interface
** Reference Models

** Underlying Technologies LAN’s (Ethernet, Token Ring, Wireless) , Point-to-Point WAN’s , Switched WAN’s (X.25, Frame Relay, ATM), Connecting devices , Addressing (Physical, Network, Transport)

The Internet Layer Protocols :
** IP- Datagram, fragmentation and reassembly,
** ICMP- types of messages, error reporting, ICMP Package

Bootstrap and Autoconfiguration :

Routing Protocols :
** Interior and Exterior Routing – RIP, OSPF, BGP
** Multicast Routing- Unicast , Multicast and Broadcast, Multicasting, Multicast trees,

The Transport Layer :
** The transport Service- Services provided, Service primitives, Sockets
** Process-to-Process Communication – Port addrresses

** Elements of transport protocols – addressing, connection establishment, connection release, flow control and buffering, multiplexing, crash recovery
** UDP – Introduction, Remote Procedure Call,

** TCP – Service model, Protocol, frame format, connection establishment, release, connection management, Silly Window Syndrome-Nagle’s algorithm, error control, congestion control, state transition diagram

Sockets and Client-Server Model :
Client-Server Model – Concurrency, Processes, Socket Interface – Sockets, Byte Ordering, Socket System Calls, Connectionless and Connection Oriented applications Implementation of Sockets ( C/Java etc)

The Application Layer :
DNS, Telnet and Rlogin, FTP, TFTP, SNMP, SMTP, World Wide Web( Client and Server Side, cookies, wireless web), Java and the Internet, Multimedia (streaming audio, Internet Radio, voice over IP – RTP , video standards), Real time traffic over the internet

Mobile IP :
Mobility, routing and addressing, characteristics, operation, foreign agent discovery , registration and communication, two crossing problem, communication with computers on the home front. Few examples of Network Design

Suggested Readings :
** Designing Network Security (2nd Edition) (Networking Technology) by Merike Kaeo.
** Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) (Authorized Self-Study Guide) (2nd Edition) by Keith Hutton, Mark Schofield, and Diane Teare.

** A Guide to Designing and Implementing Local And Wide Area Networks, Second Edition by Michael J. Palmer
** Planning and Designing Networks by Daniel Minoli.

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