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CBSE Class IX & X Revised Syllabus 2020-21 Secondary Main Subjects Curriculum :

Organisation : CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
Facility : Revised Secondary Curriculum (IX-X) Main Subjects For Academic Year 2020-21
Website :

CBSE Revised Secondary Syllabus

CBSE Revised Secondary Main Subjects Curriculum for the Academic Year 2020-21

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Revised Main Subjects Curriculum

Revised Main Subjects – (Group-A1)

Course Structure Class IX:
(Annual Examination) Marks: 80

Theme: Materials
Unit I: Matter- It’s Nature and Behaviour
Nature of matter: Elements, compounds and mixtures. Heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures, colloids and suspensions.

Particle nature and their basic units: Atoms and molecules, Law of constant proportions,

Atomic and molecular masses. Mole concept: Relationship of mole to mass of the particles and numbers.

Structure of atoms: Electrons, protons and neutrons, valency, chemical formula of common compounds. Isotopes and Isobars.

Theme: The World of the Living
Unit II: Organization in the Living World
Cell – Basic Unit of life: Cell as a basic unit of life; prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, multicellular organisms; cell membrane and cell wall, cell organelles and cell inclusions; chloroplast, mitochondria, vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus; nucleus, chromosomes – basic structure, number.

Tissues, Organs, Organ System, Organism:
Structure and functions of animal and plant tissues (only four types of tissues in animals; Meristematic and Permanent tissues in plants).

Health and Diseases:
Health and its failure. Infectious and Non-infectious diseases, their causes and manifestation. Diseases caused by microbes (Virus, Bacteria and Protozoans) and their prevention; Principles of treatment and prevention. Pulse Polio programmes.

Theme: Moving Things, People and Ideas
Unit III: Motion, Force and Work

Distance and displacement, velocity; uniform and non-uniform motion along a straight line; acceleration, distance-time and velocity-time graphs for uniform motion and uniformly accelerated motion, derivation of equations of motion by graphical method; elementary idea of uniform circular motion.

Force and Newton’s laws :
Force and Motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Action and Reaction forces, Inertia of a body, Inertia and mass, Momentum, Force and Acceleration. Elementary idea of conservation of Momentum.

Gravitation; Universal Law of Gravitation, Force of Gravitation of the earth (gravity), Acceleration due to Gravity; Mass and Weight; Free fall.

Work, energy and power:
Work done by a Force, Energy, power; Kinetic and Potential energy; Law of conservation of energy.

Only For Internal Assessment:
** Learners are assigned to read the below listed part of Unit IV.
** They can be encouraged to prepare a brief write up on any one concept of this Unit in their Portfolio.
** This may be an assessment for Internal Assessment and credit may be given (Periodicassessment/Portfolio).
** This portion of the Unit is not to be assessed in the year-end examination.

Theme: Natural Resources: Balance in nature
Unit IV: Our Environment
Physical resources: Air, Water, Soil. Air for respiration, for combustion, for moderating temperatures; movements of air and its role in bringing rains across India.Air, water and soil pollution (brief introduction). Holes in ozone layer and the probable damages.

Bio-geo chemical cycles in nature: Water, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen.


Class (IX-X) Revised Science Syllabus 2020-21:

Download Main Subjects Syllabus Here :

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