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GATE Mining Engineering (MN) Syllabus 2023

Organisation : Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering GATE
Exam Name : Mining Engineering (MN) Exam
Announcement : GATE Mining Engineering (MN) Syllabus 2023
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GATE Mining Engineering (MN) Syllabus

In each of the following subjects the topics have been divided into two categories – Core Topics and Special Topics. The corresponding sections of the question paper will contain 90% of their questions on Core Topics and the remaining 10% on Special Topics.

Mining Engineering (MN) Syllabus

Section 1: Engineering Mathematics:
Linear Algebra:
Matrices and Determinants; Inverse and Rank of matrix; Systems of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen vectors. Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. Calculus: Limit, continuity and differentiability; Partial Derivatives; Mean value theorems; Indeterminate forms and L’ Hospital’s rule; Maxima and minima; Taylor’s theorem; Sequences and series; Test for convergence; Fourier series.

Vector Calculus:
Gradient; Divergence and Curl; Line; surface and volume integrals; Stokes, Gauss and Green’s theorems.

Differential Equations:
Linear and non-linear first order ODEs; Higher order linear ODEs with constant coefficients; Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations. Probability and Statistics: Measures of central tendency and dispersion; hypothesis testing; Binomial, Poisson, exponential and normal distributions; Correlation and regression analysis.

Numerical Methods:
Solutions of linear algebraic equations; Interpolation; Integration of trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule; Single and multi-step methods for differential equations.

Section 2: Mining Geology, Mine Development and Surveying:
Mining Geology:
Minerals, Rocks and their Origin, Classification, Ore Genesis; Structural Geology. Mine Development: Methods of access to deposits; Underground drivages; Drilling method and machines; Explosives and energetics, blasting devices, blast design practices; Rock-Tool Interaction applicable to mechanical cutting systems and their selection.

Mine Surveying:
Levels and levelling, theodolite, tacheometry, triangulation; Contouring; Errors and adjustments; Correlation; Underground surveying; Curves; Photogrammetry; EDM, Total Station, GPS, Basics of GIS and remote sensing.

Section 3: Geomechanics and Ground Control:
Engineering Mechanics: Equivalent force systems; Equations of equilibrium; Two dimensional frames and trusses; Free body diagrams; Friction forces; Particle kinematics and dynamics; Beam analysis. Geomechanics: Geo-technical properties of rocks; Rock mass classification; Instrumentation and in-situ stress measurement techniques; Theories of rock failure; Ground vibrations; Stress distribution around mine openings; Subsidence; Slope stability.

Ground Control:
Design of pillars; Roof supporting systems; Mine filling. Strata Control and Monitoring Plan.

Section 4: Mining Methods and Machinery:
Mining Methods:
Surface mining: layout, development, loading, transportation and mechanization, continuous surface mining systems; highwall mining; Underground coal mining:bord and pillar systems, room and pillar mining, longwall mining, thick seam mining methods, Underground metal mining: open, supported and caved stoping methods, stope mechanization, ore handling systems.

Mining Machinery:
Generation and transmission of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power; Materials handling: wire ropes, haulages, conveyors, face and development machinery, hoisting systems, pumps; comminution methods and machinery.

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