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All posts from BBA Integrated Shipping & Logistics Management Syllabus : Bharathiar University

University : Bharathiar University
Degree : BBA
Year : 2016-17
Subject : Integrated Shipping & Logistics Management
Announcement : Syllabus

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Integrated Shipping & Logistics Management Syllabus :

Core I : Management Process
Unit I : Business – meaning -business and profession, requirements of a successful business- Organisation – meaning – importance of business organisation.

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Forms of business Organisation-Sole traders, partnership, Joint Hindu family firm – Joint Stock Companies – Cooperative Organisations – Public Utilities and Public Enterprises.

Unit II : Nature and Scope of Management process – Definitions of Management – Management: a science or an art – Scientific Management – Managerial functions and roles – The evolution of Management Theory.

Unit III : Planning : meaning and purpose of planning – steps in planning – types of planning. Objectives and Policies – Decision making: Process of Decision making – types of Decisions.

Unit IV : Organising : Types of organisation – Organisational structure – span of control – use of staff units and committees. Delegation: Delegation and centralisation. Staffing: Sources of recruitment – Selection process – training.

Unit – V : Directing : Nature and purpose of Directing. Controlling: Need for co-ordination – meaning and importance of controls – control process – Budgetary and non-Budgetary controls – Modern trends in Management Process – case studies.

Core II : Introduction To Shipping
Unit I : Shipping Industry
Introduction to Shipping & Logistics – Shipping and Logistics in India – India’s Role in world Shipping Market – Global Shipping market – Scope & Opportunities of Shipping industry – Various facets of Shipping industry – Role of shipping for economic growth – Future trend of Shipping – Professionalism in shipping – Relevance of Training

Unit II : Maritime History
Reminiscence of Maritime History – Citations from Vedas & Genesis – Time Line of Transportation and various means of transportation – Explorers of the sea – Ships in warfare – Indian Maritime History – Indian Emperors and Ocean expeditions – Trading from India – History of Shipping – Shipping Phonetics

Unit III : Maritime Geography
Maps and Atlas – Grids and its uses – Transport Geography – Economical Geography – Tides, Current, Climate and weather – Oceans and Seas – Importance of Ocean Transport System – Canals and Rivers for Transportation – Top 10 navigable canals in the world.

Unit IV : Ships
Logs to modern Ship – Authentication – Evolution and types of Ships – origin of Documents – Ships & its positions – World’s top Ship owners – Ports in India – World’s top Ports – Governmental bodies connected to Shipping – Piracy in the world – Myths and wonders in the shipping world

Unit V : Logistics In Shipping
Role of Logistics in Shipping – Negligence and Omissions resulting in failure of Logistics – View on Supply Chain management – Introduction to Cold Chain and Retail Marketing – FDI’s – India’s role in the world trade – International Governing bodies connected to shipping and their importance – Governmental bodies connected to Shipping in India and its importance – World tonnages – General view on the legalities of shipping – Cabot-age law – Embargo and its repercussions

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