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B.Sc Poultry production & Business Management Syllabus : Bharathiar University

University : Bharathiar University
Degree : B.Sc
Year : 2016-17
Subject : Poultry production and Business Management
Announcement : Syllabus

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Poultry production & Business Management Syllabus :

Core 1 : Prospects Of Poultry Industry
Objective : To understand the poultry industry based on the past, present and emphasis of future growth. To study the statistical data and various functions involved in poultry industry.

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Unit-I :
Introduction – definition of poultry – broiler, layer and breeder – commonterms related to poultry – development of poultry industry in India. Past and present scenario of poultry industry –domesticationof poultry.Role of government/ private agencies in poultry development.

Genetic classification of chicken and other species of poultry- layers, broiler, and other class of poultry – Hybrids available and its merit and demerits- American, English, Mediterranean, Asiatic, Indian breeds, dual purpose breeds and non-descript birds.

Importance of broilerand layerproduction under Indian scenario –poultrypopulation and other poultry related statistics, per capita meat and egg availability in India – differentregions and states and in world.

System of rearing- range- semi intensive- intensive rearing, advantages and disadvantages. Introduction to rearing of Turkeys, Ducks, Japanese Quails, Guinea fowls and Geese for meat and egg production.

Regional influences, Structure of poultry industry – breeder farm, hatcheries, commercial farms, feed mills and processing industry. Backyard to industrial farming of poultry, future perspective and constraints of Indian poultry industry.

Core 2–Applied Avian Anatomy And Physiology :
Objectives : To study the internal and external body parts of chicken for understanding the various functions. To examine birds for handling, selection, culling, judging and diagnosis of disease.

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. Integumentary parts of chicken – Feather patterns – feather tracts – feather sexing of day old chicks. Comb and its different types. Role of skin, scales, nails, plumage and beak.

Respiratory system-anatomical structures-nasal cavity, larynx, syrinx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, air sacs- and its function, inhalation and exhalation process. Circulatory System-structure, functions of Heart, types of blood vessels and components of blood.

Skeletal system-different types of bones-pneumatic, medullary, cervical, thoracic, fused, wing and limb bones. Excretory System-roles of Kidney, Ureter and Cloaca.

Digestive system-anatomical structure and its functions – mouth, oesophagus, crop, proventriculus, gizzard, small intestine, liver, pancreas, caeca, colon, cloaca.

Reproductive system-male and female reproductive system, structure and its function. Egg structure, formation and its composition.

Nervous system – Endocrine system-Protein and Steroid Hormones-Role of Hypophysis, Neurohypophysis, Adernal Glands, Pancreas, Testis, Ovary and Pineal gland.

Immune system- definition, different organ and its functions – Bone Marrow, Bursa of Fabricius, Thymus, Harderian gland, Spleen, Payers patches and Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissues (GALT).

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