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University : Bharathiar University
Degree : MBA
Subject : Apparel Business
Announcement : Syllabus

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Apparel Business Syllabus :

1.1 Management Concepts
Unit I : Introduction To Management
Organization- Management- -Nature and Scope of Management process-Role and Functions of a Manager – Levels of Management – Evolution of management thought.

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Development of Scientific Management – Strategies for International business – contemporary management practice – Managing in global environment – Managerial functions.

Unit II : Planning
Nature and purpose of planning- Planning process- Types of plans- Objectives- Managing by Objective (MBO) strategies- Types of strategies – Policies – Decision Making- Types of decision.

Decision making process- Rational decision making process- Decision making under different conditions – Break Even Analysis

Unit III : Organising
Nature and purpose of organizing- Organization structure- Formal and informal groups/ organization- Line and staff authority- Departmentation- Span of control- Centralization and decentralization- Delegation of authority.

Unit IV : Staffing & Directing
Staffing- Selection and Recruitment- Orientation- Career development- Career stages- Training- Performance appraisal.Managing people – Motivation – Theories – Leading – Leadership styles and qualities – Communication – process and barriers.

Unit V : Controlling
Managements control systems – Techniques – Types of control-Process of controlling- Types of control- Budgetary and non-budgetary control techniques-Managing productivity- Cost control- Purchase control- Maintenance control- Quality control

Recent trends and new perspectives in management: Strategic alliances -Core competence – Business process reengineering – Total quality management- Bench marking.

1.2 Textile Fibres And Yarn
Unit I :
Introduction to Textile fibers& their Classification – General properties. Cotton: Botanical and commercial classification – Properties – End uses.

Brief study about Organic Cotton. Flax: properties – End uses. Wool: Grading – properties – End uses. Woollen and Worsted Yarns. Silk: Types – properties – End uses. Production of Raw silk – Degumming.

Unit II :
Methods of Filament Spinning. Semi synthetic fibres: Rayon – Regenerated and modified cellulose -Viscose rayon process flow – Modal &LyocellFibre properties & End uses–Bamboo fibre – End uses. Acetate fibre – Properties & End uses

Unit III :
Introduction to Polymer & Polymerization & its types. Synthetic fibres:– Brief study about polyamide, polyester, polyacrylic, and spandex – Individual fibre properties and trade names – End uses.

Micro fibres& its properties.Texturization : Objectives, Types of textured yarns & Methods of texturisation.

Unit IV :
Yarn : Classification of yarn types- Staple spinning system – Types. Influence of fibre properties on yarn quality. Cotton Yarn Production sequence and objectives – Comparison of carded and combed yarn – Yarn numbering systems – Significance of yarn twist.

Unit V :
Brief study about OE & Compact Spinning.MilangeYarn . Blended textiles : Types of blending – Reasons for blending. Double yarn – Properties.

Sewing threads: Types, features, uses – Properties required for export quality hosiery yarns, Various Yarn & Package defects

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